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How to catch a butterfly and what to do with it:


1. Pick a hot summer day, drive away from the city to your grandma's home in the countryside hours away from the city.


2. Take a nap in the field under the peach tree after having a freshly picked peach. Make sure you can hear the noise of cicadas.


3. Wake up, stand still in the field and approach that butterfly which just landed on the wild flower.


4. Slowly raise your hands and pinch its wings with your thumb and index finger. You can see the butterfly is trying to escape but is powerless.


5.Release the butterfly into a jar you brought with you from your grandma's house. 


6.Cycle home, make sure you sweat through your t-shirt and enjoy the hot summer view.


7. Throw the bike on the ground, capture more butterflies in the garden if you are lucky.


8. Pinch the wings again to remove the butterfly from the jar, drown them in the sink until they can't move anymore.


9. Rub its wings until the powder comes off its translucent wing. 


10. Take them out, dry it and keep it somewhere safe where grown-ups can't see. Clean the sink as no one realised you committed such a horrible act.


11. Use the translucent wing as a lens to see your surroundings and wonder how the butterfly would feel when you were drowning it. 

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